Upright’s aim is to provide a healthy workplace for the right set of talent to the company without any fear of losing our “



About Us

Upright Human Capital is a unique start-up to provide enterprise HR services to businesses of all scales. Based in Gurugram, the company was born out of challenges faced by startups, small and mid-scale businesses in hiring, streamlining HR processes and continuous HR improvement.

The company aims to change the way HR consulting is done by providing “Right Talent Experience Journey”.

Our services help companies overcome the challenges of finding the right person, their background check will ensure their fitment, employee engagement activities to aid in retaining your people and Human Capital Consulting will help in identifying the day to day problem or dissatisfactions they are facing in the environment.

Our Team

Tripti Diundi

Tripti Diundi

Founder and CEO

Tripti is a dynamic HR Professional with over ten years of experience in various verticals. Working in both Talent Management and Acquisition roles, she has gained deep insight into overall Talent Journey. Self-motivated and Process-driven professional, always ready for the challenge!

Rajiv Mehta

Rajiv Mehta

Co-Founder and Advisor

Rajiv started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2001 at the young age of 15. His foray into programming at a very early age helped him start a software company. Since then, he has been part of many successful tech ventures and led large teams. He is currently managing operations for Classic Informatics, a web development company and Zonka Feedback, a customer feedback software. Travelling, driving, and cricket keep him away from work quite often now!

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