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UprightHC has created a medium through which a company can get the right talent with low risk. The competition is increasing in every industry, and due to which the hiring process is done quickly and we forget the most vital area to verify the “Background check” of our Human Capital. It is important and forecasts about the future of the team or talent.

Every company expects that every individual of the company shall adjust in the working environment and work with complete compassion. This process helps companies to identify the past records of the hired talent or where that person will be the right fit. A company can enhance the skills of the hired talent accordingly.

Our services are open in every industry or domain. The quality and accuracy is our power to develop trust in human capital.

We have introduced two package services for a background check:

Red Pack: Current Employment Check (Free Service With Hiring Plan)

Red Pack: Current Employment Check (Free Service With Hiring Plan)

This service is included along with the hiring package to check the current company status of the employee and documentation after selection. It will be a quick process to review the existing company background details of the talent which the company is hiring. This process will take place once the selected candidate puts down their papers at the current company

Premium Services: Yellow Pack (360-degree Employment <br/>Check)

Premium Services: Yellow Pack (360-degree Employment

It is a premium service and a separate package. This is a complete package and will begin during the hiring process. Once the candidate gets shortlisted, there would be an educational background check, work history check, followed by a residential background check, social media background check and credit check if that’s relevant to the position.

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Why Background Check Services Are Important?

Background check services are needed to minimise the potential risk in a company. The purpose of the background check is to check whether a candidate is qualified or not. The background check also helps to shortlist when there is a large number of applications for the same position. 

As an employer, you do not want to compromise your workplace and you can’t take the risk just because of one potential wrong hiring. Going for a background check is the best approach for the company.

Why Background Check Services Are Important?

Here are the benefits of conducting background checks for employment: 

  • As a company, you get to know about the prior work experience of the employee that could make the hiring process easier. 
  • No more future liability of the employee as the background check would ensure the candidate has a blemish-free past.
  • A proper background check ensures a healthy workplace and this will improve the overall quality of the employees. 
  • A complete background check would protect the company’s reputation by checking fake educational qualifications.

Key Services of UprightHC Background Check

  • Education Background Check

    Education Background Check

    Our experts will contact the colleges, universities to confirm the information given by the candidate. Our report will verify the areas of study, degree received, credits earned.

    At UprightHC, our field experts would come in contact with the universities, college from which the candidate has graduated and has completed schooling. Another verification would be done after the interview process when the candidate submits documents. We again verify the respected institutions about the given data. As a company, you can depend on our 100% unbiased education background check.

  •  Reference Background Check

    Reference Background Check

    Our experts will do the reference check by contacting the appropriate person and questions targeted at knowing how the candidate performed during their previous employment

    At UprightHC, a reference check is done both before and after the candidate is finalised. Our background check experts will call the respected reference and verify about the candidate. We have a prepared questionnaire that we will ask like the responsibility of the candidate, their view on the candidate’s new job role, etc. The whole reference check will be transparent and the weekly report would be shared.

  • Residential Address <br/>Check

    Residential Address

    Our methods will reduce the chances of frauds, misinformation and misunderstandings. Our field experts will be in touch with the candidates and reach their address to verify it.

    We will ensure that the candidate has given her/his correct residential address during the interview process. We know the importance of personal address i.e. we try to make this residential check a priority. There would be a verification of the phone numbers, locality check and neighbour checks. We carry out these checks according to the client requirements.

  • Social Media Background Check

    Social Media Background Check

    We will perform the background checks of the candidates on social media. After the check is completed, you will get a report of the candidate, that will make hiring easier.

    We follow a multi-platform background check, whatever the social media platform the candidate is present we are able to perform the background check. At UprightHC, our team finds out if the candidate is any having multiple accounts under a different name. In the end, you will get a complete review of the applicant.

  • Criminal Background Check

    Criminal Background Check

    We have a network of in-house & field agents which gives us a better reach. UprightHC offers plenty of search options that help with a criminal history background screening program.

    The criminal background check is done with the utmost quality. Our team will review the driving records, criminal records and if they are on any offender list. UprightHC provides efficient criminal background check services, we have a complete database of the criminal records, so that you can hire candidates with complete peace of mind and rely on us to do all the check.

  • Credit History <br/>Check

    Credit History

    Our credit history check report for employees will help you to make hiring decisions by providing factual credit card information. Get data like public records on bankruptcies.

    UprightHC performs credit history check properly and you will know whether your potential hiring is a defaulter or not. As an employer, you get a credit history of the candidates and you can check about their bad credit history. We would share reports of the candidates and about their respective credit score.

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When Should You Conduct Background Checks?

A company can consider doing a background check during various stages of the interview. This can begin when the candidate fills the application form and fills all the details. The background check should be done during the interview process. 

The company will check the candidate’s background completely before moving with him ahead to the next interview round. UprightHC brings the quality in the background check process and saves time and efforts of the company.

When Should You Conduct Background Checks?

Here are the reasons when to conduct background checks:

  • It can be done before, during and after the interview process, there is no rule that it should only be done before or after the interview. 
  • To reduce the chances of fraud by doing the proper screening, a candidate can give false information about his educational background or his work experience. 
  • When you are looking to improve the quality of hires, not the quantity of hire. A background check done by professionals would always result in the hiring of top talent that too quickly. 


Our aim is to provide innovative solutions which will meet the screening needs of the clients while improving the efficiency of the whole process. We are the epitome of quality and efficiency and you can rely on UprightHC to provide your company with background check services. 


What our clients say ...

  • Upright Human Capital helped me transform the human capital policies in my organization. The hiring process suddenly became easier after getting consulted by the Upright team.

    Deepti, Sr. Manager - HR - Classic Informatics
  • My experience working with UprightHC was a positive one. They were professional throughout their approach and I would love to work with them again. They excel in recruiting and talent sourcing.

    Sonika, Product Director - Zonka Feedback

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