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UprightHC expertise in hiring the best IT talent, helping businesses to have the right candidate matching their company culture. Our team has a proven track record of fulfilling the hiring criteria of various industries.

Technology is ever-evolving, and businesses need to evolve with them to stay ahead of the competition. We know that your IT business needs innovation and for that to achieve your business needs the right set of candidates. 

We have an experienced consulting team that focuses on offering you the IT industry hiring by using our immense database, strong connections in the recruitment industry and implementing the latest hiring strategies.  

Our IT Hiring Specialities

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Application Services
End-user Services
IT Executives
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Infrastructure Services

Skills Possessed By Our IT Recruitment Team

Recruiting tech candidates requires the recruiter to have IT skills, analytical skills and multitasking skills. Strong competition present in the recruitment industry has to lead us to evolve our skills with changing times and we are doing it by improvising our hiring strategy. 

Skills Possessed By Our IT Recruitment Team

The key hiring skills our experts have: 

  • Excellent communication
  • Ability to build strong relationships with business partners
  • Organization and attention to detail
  • Flexible recruiting 
  • Understanding the role of technology
  • Knows the difference between a star and an average candidate


Looking For The Right Talent?

Our experts have got you covered. We simplify IT industry hiring for your business.

Why Choose Us As Your IT Recruitment Consultant?

Our experienced experts have pioneered the art of searching and hiring employees according to client demands. We have the correct pool of candidates suitable for on-site or remote, the right fit, right away.

Reasons Why We Are One Of The Best IT Recruitment Companies:

Quick Recruitment

We understand the need of hiring the candidate quickly. Our hiring solutions get customized according to client needs. Hiring an IT expert requires research and a proper understanding of the market conditions. UprightHC keeps every factor in mind helping the businesses get the desired candidate in less time.

Unmatched Support

Finding new candidates who specialize in the IT industry is an exhausting process. We aim to reduce the hiring burden from your internal recruitment team by regular communication and proper screening of the candidates. Our recruitment consultant experts are there to answer client’s every query and regular updates of the progress from start to completion of the hiring process.

No Fixed Overheads Costs

We specialize in various recruitment tech hiring services without needing to commit to the fixed overheads cost. It provides flexibility to the clients that most IT recruitment companies don’t offer and decreases the liabilities for our clients. We cover staffing on contract, direct hire options, contract-to-hire options, payrolling services.

An Immense Database At Offering

We are one of the best choices for our clients because of the database we have maintained over the years. With the IT industry booming, the business needs technical employees to be in sync with the technology. By choosing UprightHC recruitment services, you get to pick the right candidate just like you needed.

Our IT Recruiting Options

The value of a good hire is increasing day by day and is crucial to success in business. We believe in quality and not quantity, and hiring IT candidates is our forte.

IT recruitment companies are a better option than in-house recruiting resources. The simple reason is that they have a vast network of potential candidates available quickly. We follow the same model and want our clients to get unmatched quality hiring in a shorter period. With the IT sector being India’s backbone, UprightHC is here to solve the question “How to recruit IT talent”

We follow an impeccable recruitment process of the candidates. Here’s an outlook:

We understand what our client needs in a candidate

We understand what our client needs in a candidate

Once a client has approached us with the requirements, we schedule a call and get as detailed information as possible. The more we know, the easier it is to narrow down a candidate for the job.

The interview process of candidates is done

The interview process of candidates is done

Our experts interview the candidates based on the client specifications. We check both their soft and technical skills. When a candidate passes our screening, we organize the final round with the client.

Proper in-house trial of the candidates

Proper in-house trial of the candidates

UprightHC is unique among its competitors. We run an in-house trial for the candidates who pass the interview stage. It ensures that they are up to the task and share the same vision as the company.

Completion of the hiring process

Completion of the hiring process

After analyzing the candidate completely, we give our nod to the hiring. We perform background checks, conduct interviews, and carry on trials. We start the onboarding process when we are sure of the quality of the candidate. 


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UprightHC’s IT Recruitment Experts

Tripti Diundi

Tripti Diundi Founder and CEO

Tripti is a dynamic HR professional with over ten years of experience in various verticals. Working in Talent Management and Acquisition roles, she has gained deep insight into the overall Talent Journey. Self-motivated and Process-driven professional, always ready for the challenge!

Rajiv Mehta

Rajiv Mehta Co-Founder and Advisor

Rajiv started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2001 at the young age of 15. His foray into programming at a very early age helped him start a software company. Since then, he has been part of many successful tech ventures and led large teams. He is well known throughout the IT industry.

What our clients say ...

  • My experience working with UprightHC was a positive one. They were professional throughout their approach, and I would love to work with them again. They excel in recruiting and talent sourcing.

    Sonika, Product Director - Zonka Feedback
  • Upright Human Capital helped me transform the human capital policies in my organization. The hiring process suddenly became easier after getting consulted by the Upright team.

    HR- Head and Business Partner- Classic Informatics.

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