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UprightHC believes in aligning individual’s with the organisation’s vision and feels passionate about their jobs. This program helps to achieve that goal by motivating human capital

The HR specialists at UprightHC provide the correct advice and strategies you need to create a perfect relationship with your employees. We will also create a long term employee engagement plan to improve the interaction between employees and the company. Employee engagement is a vital part of a company that can turn disengaged employees to productive employees resulting in the growth of your company. 

In a company where employees are listened to and their views are taken into account will boost the staff morale and the employees would give their 100%. We provide focused and transparent employee engagement solutions that will retain your best employees.

Highlights Of Upright Employee Engagement

Proper Evaluation

Proper Evaluation

Our experts will analyse and record data about the employees. We will assess strengths, career goals, employees views about the company, the vision of employees, etc. This would be done via our employee engagement surveys. This will help to filter out disengaged employees.

Employee Growth

Employee Growth

If an employee grows so does the company will grow. Our employee engagement strategies do exactly the same, it allows the employees to reach their potential. We will send weekly growth reports and at UprightHC we also create customized employee engagement plans.

Team Growth

Team Growth

Our employee engagement services improve team bonding by assessing team members. We create action plans and weekly team surveys. Our experts will have a one-to-one conversation with the team leader to overcome any unsatisfied employee problem.

Don’t Let your Employees feel Disengaged at the Workplace!!

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Key Services Of UprightHC Employee Engagement

  • Systematic Training For Employees

    Systematic Training For Employees

    Our experts prepare a clear training plan for existing and new employees. The training process helps in the quicker transition of the employees and creating weekly progress reports.

    Our experts ensure that there is smooth transitioning of employees into the organisation. The training process will improve employee engagement throughout the company. We will also provide communication training for employees. All the performance data of employees would be shared with the employer on a regular basis.

  • Regular Feedback Sessions For Employees

    Regular Feedback Sessions For Employees

    The feedback of employees is an integral part of employee engagement. At UprightHC we do regular feedback sessions of employees via surveys.

    Our experts at UprightHC will take care of feedback sessions. There would be a survey or a questionnaire shared through all the employees. The report would be sent to the respective companies, the survey consists of questions about the workload in the office, working scenario, office environment, rating the work-life balance, flexible work option, etc. Our team also makes sure that issues are solved that are affecting engagement.

  • Team Building Activities For Employees

    Team Building Activities For Employees

    Our expert team will create customized team-bonding activities that will make work interactive and will increase employee engagement.

    While work is routine and feeling it enjoyable is another task for the employees. Our expert’s plan team building activities according to the teams. There would be no same activity for all the teams. We follow a rewards-based system, so a team performing well gets an appreciation.

  • Review Your Current Employee Engagement Strategies

    Review Your Current Employee Engagement Strategies

    Our experts will customize the existing employee engagement plan and make them even better. We will offer points/our suggestions for improvement.

    The experts at UprightHC will go through every insight after the employee engagement strategy. We can assist you 24X7 to make the process streamlined and therefore making the strategy work. We will perform the test of existing and new strategies that result in gaining better insights about employees.

  • Focusing On Internal Promotion

    Focusing On Internal Promotion

    UprightHC keeps a focused approach on the internal promotion of employees. Our experts will keep an eye on employees and succession planning would be done.

    To increase employee engagement within a company, one has to show some faith in current employees. As an employee engagement company, we will keep interaction sessions with employees and get know about their preferences. Our interaction sessions will prove fruitful in the long run for the organisation.

  • For Our Every Client We Have A Solution

    For Our Every Client We Have A Solution

    Every client has different expectations regarding the approach but their goal is the same: improvement in employee engagement. We know it better and do it even better.

    Our experts create a customized employee engagement plan for your company. Just provide us with the data and rest out dedicated team will manage. We will contact the hiring manager and have a discussion with them about the company’s vision and mission towards employee engagement.

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How We Approach Towards Employee Experience

  • Systematic Onboarding Process

    Systematic Onboarding Process

    Getting new hires introduced to all the areas of an organization to improve the employee experience.

  • Enhance Workplace Culture

    Enhance Workplace Culture

    Increase diversity and awareness with our industry-recognized leadership solutions.

  • Performance Based Rewards

    Performance Based Rewards

    Motivate key employees beyond monetary compensation & exposure to other teams.

  • Employee Communication Solutions

    Employee Communication Solutions

    Internal communication is the key aspect of making sure every employee understands their role.

  • Employee Development Program

    Employee Development Program

    Providing opportunities for employees to continually learn and expand their knowledge.

  • Encourage Social Interaction

    Encourage Social Interaction

    Providing employees with a platform to share their views with others and increase interaction.


  • Upright Human Capital helped me transform the human capital policies in my organization. The hiring process suddenly became easier after getting consulted by the Upright team.

    Deepti, Sr. Manager - HR - Classic Informatics
  • My experience working with Upright was a positive one. They were professional throughout their approach and I would love to work with them again. They excel in recruiting and talent sourcing.

    Sonika, Product Director - Zonka Feedback

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